A Guide to Skip Bin Types and Sizes

Waste management within homes and businesses continues to be a growing challenge in Australia. With population pressure and a cleaner environment being a top concern in the country, how we handle and dispose of waste is an important part of our daily lives. Luckily, skip bin hire enables most premises to obtain a useful instrument for properly disposing of their waste products. Skip bins are useful for handling household waste as well as waste from offices and buildings.

There are many different types of bins that skip bin hire services offer. It is important to know what options and sizes are available, so you can make the right decision for waste disposal at your premises.

Types of skip bins

Hooklift bins

Hooklift bins are a type of skips that attach to the rear end of trucks and can easily roll on and off the truck itself. Hooklifts tend to be longer in length, with lower sides and an opening at the rear end to allow for easy access.

Their larger size makes them the perfect skip for businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants and other similar companies that handle a lot of organic waste.

Mobile skip bins

To add convenience to waste management, some skip bin companies offer mobile skip bins. You may have seen these on the sides of roads. They are basically a skip bin that is placed on tires to allow for easier transportation.

They tend to be shorter in length and are designed with a rectangular shape. Mobile skips are suited for both homes and businesses due to their degree of flexibility and design.

Marrell skip bins

Marell skip bins are perhaps the most common skips available and the most in demand during skip bin hire. Marrell skip bins look a lot like hooklifts but are shorter in length with higher sides. Their convenient size makes them easy to place in many different locations, including residential and business properties.

Skip bags

For homes and businesses that do not dispose of waste on a regular basis, skip bags are a great alternative for long-term waste disposal. Many skip bin hire services offer skip bags. These are basically smaller and convenient waste disposal bags that can fit easily inside most premises. Once a skip bag is full, you can schedule for the waste disposal company to collect and get rid of the waste.

To learn more about what kind on skip bin will work for you, contact a skip hire company near you.